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Evolution of solar technology

Ancient civilizations have always looked to the sun for energy and inspiration. However, it is only in recent centuries that we have begun to harness sun’s energy. Let’s dive in and join me on my journey to learn about this technology.

Ancient beginnings

Through the history, civilizations have utilized solar energy in various forms. Ancient Greeks, for instance, build their homes in such a way that they accumulate the heat in winter. Similarly, the Romans builded their bathhouses to make the most of solar heating. These efforts and experiences created foundation for modern understanding of this topic.

Birth of Photovoltaic

True breakthrough in solar technology came in last century by discovering photovoltaic effect by French physicist Becquerel. This phenomenon occurs in certain materials and generate an electric current when exposed to light. So thin paved the way for developing solar cells and further more.

Early innovations

The 20th century brought significant advancements in solar technology. In 1954 company named Bell Labs produced first solar cell using silicon which remains in solar panels till now. However, these early steps have brought just expensive and inefficient cells that couldn’t be commercially extended.

Solar energy nowadays

As we are more concerned about climate and fossil fuel depletion, we get more interested in solar energy. Governments and businesses began investing in research and development, leading to improvements in efficiency.

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